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Bert Aluminum Air Jack

An aluminum bumper jack rated for 2500 pounds. Hundred of units are in services on the East Coast Modified, IMCA, UMP Modified, Legend Car and all types of Open Wheel cars.

The Bert Air Jack is a reliable tool for racers. The 95% aluminum construction makes this jack handy and easy to use. Weight 60 pounds only, this is a must for the race teams, race track infields, race shops or just for your daily maintenances. An airline kit can also be installed in the car. When installed, connect only one air hose from the air pressured source leaving the working area empty of hoses, jack stand or floor jack.

It can lift the car to an height of 36 inches in an instant. That’s is equipped with a strong safety lock for more security. It also folds away for an easy storage during transportation.

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