What Clearance should be between the flywheel and the idler gear
R: You must have 1.25” + or – 0.02” from the face of your flywheel to the face of your engine block

What kind of fluid can I use ?
R: bert blue magic or any ATF. Do not used motor oil!

Where can I found rebuild manuals for gen 1 and gen 2?
R: You can found a tutorial video at this address : (Tutorials)

Where I can buy tools required to rebuild berts GEN1
R: Motorstate (ALL14295) sold BERT tool to rebuild BERT gen 1, please take note, you do not need any special tool to rebuild BERT GEN 2.

Q:How much fluid does the Bert Gen 2
R: SG-1200 : 16OZ
  SG-1300/1400/1500 : 20oz